Deb Katz's Professional Experience

Deborah Katz

My own academic success began when Lucy Katz, our family Dandie Dinmont Terrier, kept me company during many hours of high school homework. Her photograph featured on my application to Stanford University where I then enjoyed 4 years of academic adventure. (I really missed studying with Lucy, who stayed home in Baltimore.)


My work in K-12 Education began during my Junior and Senior years in High School when I tutored younger students, studied developmental psychology, and started drama programs for young students who did not have access to creative activities.


After my Masters work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I began 25 rewarding professional years as an academic coach for high school students and an instructor for K-12 teachers.


After earning a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership from National Louis University in Evanston, IL, I worked with University grant funded teams to help improve education for underserved K-12 students.


Since my move to the Twin Cities in 2000, I have been a devoted academic coach for so many fun students who have accomplished their best work in high school.


Pink's Professional Experience

Pink Elfwish So What

Pink's professional name is "Elfwish 'So What' ", after the song by the female rock star, "Pink", who also inspired her nickname. To contribute to her Dandie Dinmont Terrier breed, Pink worked toward a Champion Title and mothered 2 litters of puppies! After these canine accomplishments, she traveled from Elfwish Kennels in Ohio to assist me in my home office in St. Paul!


She loves walking with me along the St. Paul side of the Mississippi River to see bald eagles as they swoop down to catch the fish these raptors can target from high in the air. Polite and dignified, Pink never barks out of turn when she's on Zoom with her high school students and their own family pets.