Alternative Learning Options

You might want to consider alternative learning options that connect to your own talents and interests, and are also valued by the college or university you want to attend. 

Curious and adventurous high school students like you, have chosen to learn from practicing professionals, pursue academic options or plan a gap year.


Learn from Practicing Professionals


Here are just a few ideas for experiencing what it is like to participate in real world work that interests you.

You could job shadow a real world professional in fields such Business, Science, the Arts, or Broadcast or Print Journalism.

You could find an internship opportunity for hands on engagement in a profession that you might want to enter.

Or you might want to volunteer with a nonprofit that supports a cause you believe in. Citizen science projects and political initiatives, are just a few ways to engage in civic participation.

I'm here to help you connect to your best opportunity


Pursue Academic Options


If you would like to take on the challenge of in-person or online PSEO courses, I can help you with the required, college level writing and research. The college credits that you earn will give you confidence for what is to come in your academic career.

You might want to have your own home-school course in the social sciences or humanities. For example, you could explore Environmental Studies , Psychology or Sociology. Or, you could select exactly the kind of Literature that you really want to read. I can help you design your plan of study and participate with you in your learning adventure.


Plan A Gap Year 


 I can also guide you if you want to plan a gap year. When you have said "Yes!" to the college or university you decide to attend, you can usually hold your place for a year before actual enrollment. If you want to take a gap year, you will need to submit a good proposal for your interim activities. Students who have taken a gap year after high school believe that their refreshing "once in a lifetime" experiences prepared them to get the most out of their on campus activities and studies.