Academic Coaching

Interpret and think critically about so many novels and plays and poems by famous writers. 

 Study for all those tests on the entire history of the world.

 Research with primary and secondary sources

Navigate dense online textbooks


There is almost no student who wouldn't feel at least a bit overwhelmed by these challenges in their History and English and Social Science Classes!

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Even when you do fully understand new ideas and information, 

there is nothing less fun than staring at a Google or Word Doc, that just won't turn into a completed essay, 

or trying to catch up with assignment overload, 

or studying to remember too much information at once.


You could hire an academic coach who fully understands and appreciates the VALUE of YOUR THINKING.

You choose the time of your one-on-one Zoom meeting.

You take over the Host function. Click SHARE to work with a fun personal guide to your YOUR BEST WORK IN HIGH SCHOOL.


Because, as you access information, write about it, or study it in a way that feels just right to you, your work becomes personally rewarding. When challenge becomes this motivating , you get the results you are going for.

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