Homework Management

The Biggest High School Challenge is Often Homework!

So many different kinds of assignments and projects with so many different deadlines, for as many as five classes at a time, just keep on coming! Even when you already understand the information you need for these assignments, having a hefty amount of homework can easily get overwhelming.

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If this is happening at times in your busy high school career, you may want to hire your own academic coach to show you the productivity hacks that real world professionals use to do their best work in a crunch.

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During our lively Zoom coaching sessions, you fit homework right into the flow of your weekly activities to meet your deadlines like a Pro. And, your own family pet can participate!

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I'm here to facilitate time management for "Your Best Work in High School"! 

Here is how this happens.

You choose a Homework Planner, Electronic Note, or Spatial Calendar App.

Busy high school, college, and university students are now using these state-of-the-art Apps to access their daily assignments and to-do notes on their cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

You plan when and how you work

on each assignment and project at a place where you can best focus.

You schedule a START and END time

for each homework action task.

You program electronic reminders

to alert yourself to deadlines.

Then, you evaluate

the way you are managing your time and adjust your plans as needed.


It's so motivating to have completed just what you needed to do! Becoming this productive frees up personal time to contact friends!

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Because homework points will boost your class grades, I  help you maintain your pace.  So that you have needed time to relax...

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